Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning

The dogs woke up around 5 and wanted out, so Brian got up to let them out and then everyone else woke up. I was hoping to sleep until around 8, but oh well. We opened our presents and had breakfast and now we are ready for a nap. Gabriel got Guitar hero, a roman sword, a 300 wooden sword, a plasma ball, and some other great things. Paige got the brown coat she wanted, a Christmas dress for her American Girl doll, clothes and an MP3 player. Ben was very excited about everything. He is such a Christmas dog ! Brian got some new Cardinals things for the computer room and I got some Bare Escentuals and some Bath and Body works stuff. It was a good Christmas morning.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ben and Ranger

The dogs say Merry Christmas !

Ranger Danger

Good Ol' Ben

Snickerdoodles and Fudge

Today was a lazy day. It was cold and windy out and we are still waiting for the snow to get here. It's supposed to start tonight I guess. I went out to Target this morning for a few last minute Christmas things. I stopped at Scooters on the way home. It's a coffee shop that I've seen a lot around here, so I decided to try it. Inside was nice and cozy with a fireplace, some tables and lot's of comfy chairs. I got a peppermint mocha and brought Brian a mocha. Very yummy! This afternoon I made fudge and snickerdoodles. Gabriel came in the kitchen and tried to eat some of the cookie dough. Paige just watched a movie this afternoon.

A slideshow of Paige's new room
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A slideshow of Gabriel's new room
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Our house at Christmas

Here is a slideshow of our house decorated for Christmas.
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This blog is for anyone that would like to keep up with our family here in Nebraska. I will try to update often.
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