Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun Saturday with Blog Friends

Well, I've had a nice little break from blogging and now it's time to get back to it. I had a nice week with my mom. We went shopping, hiking, and just relaxed around the house. I finished the Twilight books and I'm totally obsessed.:-) I cannot wait for the next movie to come out in November.
Well, yesterday was a fun day.Unfortunately we didn't have beautiful weather like on Friday. Instead it was pretty chilly and rainy, but still a fun day. Kindra and Sarah drove from Lincoln and met me at Weathered and Worn in Papillion. We looked around, bought a few things and then headed to Plattsmouth to Wild Horse Antiques. I love that store! There are all kinds of treasures~ lot's for $10 :-) That was the price that kept popping up on everything! I bought a tool caddy there for $10. On the way back to my house we stopped at Goodwill. Not a whole lot there. We had lunch at my house~ chicken salad sandwiches, fruit salad, cheese and crackers, and brownies. After lunch we went to the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall. We walked around looking there for quite awhile.The antique mall is right next to the exit back to Lincoln, so when we were done there Sarah and Kindra headed back to Lincoln. It was so great getting together with blog friends. I don't think there are nicer people out there than blog buddies! Kindra and Sarah are such sweet ladies! Kindra brought me the cutest flower stake for my garden. Thanks Kindra~ I love it! I will take a picture of it when all this rain quits. I also bought a little chair flower pot holder that I will post later this week. It's just to rainy to go out and take pictures.
Here are some pics of the tool caddy and some note cards I bought. The tool caddy was unfinished rough wood. I painted it black and sanded it up a bit. I filled it with red Geraniums. I'm starting to get into the Summer/Americana mood and I love red Geraniums in my house for the summer.
Here are the cute notecards I bought~

The tool caddy~

I decided to put my strawberries out~

Some summery flowers on my coffee table~
A couple weeks ago I saw a pineapple mold on Janene's blog, Primitive Lifestyle. I asked her if she was selling it and she said instead of selling it to me she would like to send it to me as a gift. She is so sweet! Thank you so much Janene! I really love this mold. I finally made a pantry cake with it today. First I just rubbed cinnamon all over it and then I decided to add some cloves. The cloves settled in all the creases, so now you can see the lines on the pineapple better. I think it turned out great!

I wanted to mention a few new blogs that you might want to check out. First is Kathy's blog Coop's Cottage , Carey's blog American Girl Primitives-N-Such,
and Amy's blog At Home With Amy
Stop over and welcome them to Blogland when you get the chance. Well,that's all I have for today. I hope you all have had a good weekend!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Giveaway and a Break

Joy at Doodlebug is having a wonderful giveaway! Go over and take a look at her blog to enter . I just love the stitchery she did! I hope you feel better soon Joy!:-)
I haven't been on here much the past few days. I'm kind of taking a break. My mom is here visiting for the week and I'm also in the middle of reading the Twilight books. I've been staying up way to late reading them. I just finished the third book last night~one more to go. :-) Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Birthday Goodies

Happy Friday! I wanted to show you the gifts I got for my birthday and the thing that Jenn from webshots came to Omaha to bring me. Remember the rug I was hoping to save up for? Well Jenn saw that post and emailed me saying that she had the exact rug that she was selling. I am so excited because it cost me half of what I would have spent and you would think it was brand new! Thanks so much Jenn! You can see most of the rug in this picture~
On Monday I got a package in the mail from my sweet friend Jamie from Miller Homestead. She sent me this reed diffuser in a warm yummy scent. It smells so good! Thank you Jamie!

Gabriel and Paige went shopping for me and got me some Victoria's Secret lotion and a Vanilla Cupcake Yankee candle.They both smell wonderful!

I found a package on my porch today as Paige and I left to see the new Hannah Montana movie. It was from my inlaws and it is so cute! I love this prim stitchery from The Hearthside Collection~ perfect to add to my summer/Americana decor. Thank you so much Kathy and Jeff!
(By the way the Hannah Montana movie was great! We really enjoyed it!)
I got a package yesterday from Dawn at Holly Hills Primitives. I ordered this fly screen from her that I saw on her blog and lucky me it arrived on my birthday and I love it! Dawn added a little extra surprise in the package~a cute pinkeep. Thank you Dawn! Here is a pic of the fly screen on the table and the pinkeep~
I thought I'd show you where I put the label boxes I made. I put them in my kitchen by my bowl of apple gourds~Nothing else new around here. It looks like tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day, but rain for Easter. Oh well. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter Weekend!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Birthday Giveaway Winner

Sorry I am posting this so late in the day. The winner of my giveaway is Mandy from A Mayberry State of Mind Congratulations Mandy! Just email me your address and I'll get these goodies mailed out to you.
I've had a good birthday today. I met Jen, one of the webshot gals from Iowa. She and her friend drove to Omaha today to bring me something that I bought from her. I'll show you what it is tomorrow after I take pics. I picked out a delicious looking German Chocolate cake for my birthday that the kids and I will have tonight after dinner. Should be yummy! I'm off to get ready to take Paige to Taekwondo. Have a great night!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fontenelle Forest and Weekend Projects

On Friday Paige and I went to Fontenelle Forest here in Bellevue. It is only about 10 minutes from our house and I just found out about it. I have been wanting to find a place like this to go walking sometimes or to on a picnic. It was the perfect weather for hiking~ not too warm, not too cold. We just loved it! It is such a pretty place with lot's of trails and some pretty lookout points. It will really be beautiful when there are leaves on the trees. We watched an injured deer limping through the woods and then lay down against a tree. That was sad. We could see a wound on his leg. Poor thing. As we were leaving we saw a wild turkey. It was a fun afternoon.

The turkey~
You can see Omaha off in the distance~
Paige at one of the lookout spots. Everything is so brown and dead looking! I can't wait for green!
She found a nice big stick to walk with~

This is a little area I fixed up in my room on Saturday. I printed off the two President pictures and put them in some WalMart frames. That was a cheap project! I also bought a set of stencils about a week ago for stacking boxes and I made this set for my room.

On Sunday I kept busy doing laundry and making some fun things. All of these things are gifts for friends except for one of the pantry label box sets which is for me. I really love how these turned out! The black box on the bottom of the large set of boxes is turned the wrong way and you can see a gap where the stencil ended. I wasn't paying attention when I took the picture that the back of the box was in front.

Yesterday was so cold, wet,windy, and snowy here, but it looks like we have some 60's in the forecast this week. Hurray! I am so happy about that! I hope you all have a great Monday!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My KM Primitives Order

I got my package in the mail yesterday from Karen at KM Primitives and My Colonial Home. I ordered this runner, and star pillow from her and I got a free candle hugger. That is the special that is going on right now until April 15 at KM Primitives ~ a free candle hugger with a $40 purchase. I just can't get enough of Karen's wonderful creations! I have a list of things I'd love to order from her. I also finally got my Country Sampler a few days ago and I loved looking at Karen's beautiful home! Isn't it gorgeous!?
Well, I was in a simplify and clean up mood yesterday afternoon. My coffee table was bugging me with the tray on it, so my package came right in time. I like this so much better~ much more simple! I love my new pineapple runner!

Here is the candle hugger~

Here you can see the pillow on my couch. I'm thinking I need another star pillow for the other side of the couch. What do you think? You can click the picture to make it larger. The pillow on the other side is a black coverlet pattern, but it's hard to see in this picture. I also took my curtain panels down a couple weeks ago , and sewed them into tiers instead. I like it better because I don't have to see the mini blinds anymore!

I am thinking I might save all my birthday money from my family and get this for the other end of my living room. Wouldn't that be cozy!? I have the small one of this pattern in my kitchen.It looks like we are going to have a high of 60 today. I am planning to take the kids to Fontenelle Forest to walk on the trails. I've never been there before, but it looks like a nice place to go to and walk around!I'll take pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birthday Giveaway and a Couple New Things

I know it hasn't been long since my Spring Fever Giveaway, but I decided to do another one during this dreary time of year when everyone is tired of cold and so anxiously awaiting for warm weather to arrive. My birthday is in one week, so it is the perfect time for a Birthday Giveaway! I will draw a winner next Thursday morning. Please don't post this on your blogs. It's just for regular readers and those that come by on their own. If you don't have a blog make sure to leave your email address for me when you leave a comment. Thanks! So here is what I'm giving away~
a cutting board
3 pantry cakes with cheesecloth
bird pinkeep
seed bag full of bay leaves
small set of stacking boxes
1803 Candles ~ Mom's Kitchen wax melters~they smell sooo good!
The lit candle in the picture is not included in the giveaway.
Just leave me a comment to be entered.I also got a fun package in the mail a few days ago from Pam at Baskets n Prims. We did a trade and here is what she sent me~
I love this little basket! Pam told me it has a Williamsburg handle and that she thought I would like it because it is Colonial looking and she was right ~ I absolutely love it!

She also sent me this tall weed basket that I wanted. I had this spot on the peg board in my bedroom waiting for it. It's just perfect! I love both my basket's Pam ~ Thank you so much! Go on over and check out Pam's wonderful selling blog The Primitive Basketcase.
I made something new for my bedroom yesterday afternoon. I was looking at a towel rack like this on Palmer Fall's yesterday morning trying to decide if I should buy one soon for my room and then I thought~ hey, I can build that pretty easy! So I did and I'm really happy with it. The pictures are a little dark~sorry!
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