Monday, August 10, 2009

Arkansas and Taylor Swift

Wow, it's been almost a month since I posted. Shi, I got the message from Maria~too much tweeting and not enough blogging ~ I'll try to do better! :-) Well, last week I went on a little trip to Illinois and Arkansas. My mom and I drove to Arkansas to visit my grandma for a few days and then drove back to Illinois. I only spent a day in Illinois and I am looking forward to a much longer visit in October. I did have enough time to make a quick trip to Simple Country Treasures in Lebanon. (The link to the store is on my sidebar) I loved just about everything I saw and I can't wait to go back.While I was in Arkansas we spent an afternoon in Eureka Springs. It is such a beautiful town. We ate dinner at a restaurant called Rogues Manor. It's a very pretty Victorian style house and the food was delicious. The gardens and springs outside were so pretty, too. We browsed lot's of the shops in Eureka. No prim stores, but I found a candle store where I bought a jar of drieds that smells sooo good and some short grungy tapers. At Simple Country Treasures I bought a Pilgrim/prairie doll. As soon as I get out my fall stuff (which will be in September) she will be holding a prim pumpkin~ I can't wait to decorate for fall! Here are some pictures from Eureka Springs and from our drive through Arkansas.

Rogue's Manor~

My goodies from the candle shop.The two tapers with the jack~ o~ lantern are actually from Simple Country Treasures~
Along our drive~

Nope, I didn't stop here, it looked like a bunch of junk , not the good kind:-)

My pilgrim doll~

My silly niece and nephew~ Sami found my tanning goggles in my purse and so they put them on and pretended like they were tanning. ( yes I know tanning is bad, I don't want to hear it and I don't go that often anyway) They are funny kids,I just love them !On Sunday Paige, her friend Abby, and I went to the Taylor Swift concert. They were two very excited girls and yep I was pretty excited, too.We had floor seats and they were pretty good, but I have to say that unless you are very close, then I don't think it's worth it to pay to be on the floor. So many people stood on the chairs, which I found very rude and annoying, so it was very hard to see anything at times. It was a very good concert, though and Taylor is such a nice girl ~ she moved to different locations in the crowd to sing a couple songs and walked through the crowd to shake hands. Paige and Abby got very close to her and almost touched her hair~ Paige was super excited about that. We had a very fun time and can't wait till she comes to Omaha again.

Taylor's mom walked right by our seats~
Kelly Pickler~
me and Paige~
Abby and Paige~
A couple of weeks ago I got a surprise package in the mail from my friend Maria. She made these Americana rag balls for me. I love the fabrics she used~ thanks so much Maria!

That's all for today and I'll try to post again soon.Have a great week!
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