Saturday, January 19, 2008

Family Night at The Patriot Club

Last night was Family Night at the Patriot Club on base for club members. It was only $2 a person for the buffet. It was pretty good. This month it was the Asian buffet. They had sweet and sour chicken, pepper beef, white rice, fried rice, egg rolls, 2 kinds of soup and deserts. They also handed out free T-shirts at the door. Pretty good for just $8. We were planning to go to the BX afterwards, but it was sooo cold we decided to just go home. None of us had dessert at the club, so I made one when we got home. I took 2 boxes of sugar free vanilla pudding (made the pudding as directed on box ), mixed with a container of cool whip, coconut ( as much as you want ), and a can of crushed pineapple. The we topped it off with chopped pecans, chopped cherries, and chocolate drizzle. Easy, Yummy, and Tropical !

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