Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fun Visit

On Sunday my mom , grandma , and uncle came to visit us for two days. We had a very fun time ! On Sunday we went shopping and out to eat at Lansky's. Then on Monday we drove about 45 minutes to Waubonsie State Park. We got there, got out and walked around for about 10 minutes and headed back. It was just to cold and it was pretty, but very brown and wintery. It will be beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall. After that we went to Austin's Steakhouse in Omaha for my birthday dinner. Then we went over to Sams, Oakview Mall and Scooters Coffeehouse for skinny mochas. Gabriel got one of their delicious smoothies. We had a great visit and now we can't wait to be back in St. Louis in 2 weeks .

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aussie gardening in America said...

Thanks for the pics, love em. See you guys soon:).

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