Saturday, May 31, 2008

Omaha Farmer's Market

This morning we went to the Farmers Market at the Old Market in Omaha. It was a beautiful day and there were lot's of people, musicians, and vendors there. I didn't get very many pictures. We went in an antique shop where there were lot's of treasures. I only bought one old box. That was my treasure for this trip. I saw a big old white picket fence , some crocks, and old buckets that I would love to have bought, but I'm happy with my old box. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with it yet, so I just stacked it with my other old box that my twiggy tree is on. We ate lunch at Zio's ~ a New York style pizza place. I got a slice of vegetable pizza. Paige ordered spaghetti and it was a pretty big plate full. We took half of that home. Brian got 2 slices of pizza. Gabriel was disappointed that he missed the pizza. He didn't come because he didn't think the Farmer's Market sounded all that fun. I think he will go with us next time. :-) I bought some lettuce, tomatoes, and radishes. Oh and some peanut butter honey dog biscuits for Ben and Ranger.

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aussiegal said...

I want a farmers market!!!! That one looks great

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