Sunday, February 8, 2009

Face In Hole

I've been having so much fun doing these this morning. This is the most fun website
Face In Hole I made these as a surprise for my kids. I printed them out the size of a regular sheet of paper, so they are pretty big and I'm going to hang them around the house tomorrow morning before they get up. They'll love it ! That will be the fun Valentine surprise of the day. Simple, but fun. So here they are ~

Here is Paige~

Avril Lavigne
Vanessa Hudgens
Ashley Tisdale

Shania Twain
Here's Gabriel~

Russell Crow 3:10 to Yuma

Simon Cowell

Conan O'Brien Marilyn Manson
Lord of the Rings
Kid Rock
The Joker


Janene said...

Those are so fun!
My oldest daughter did one of those for my 3 year old and made her into a spider monkey...They are hilarious!
I bet your kids love those!

This Country Girl said...

How cool, Janae! Wait until Joy sees this - she'll love it! We'll have to check this out and do a few! I think your son looks so natural in The Lord of the Rings one! And I love your daughter as Narnia! Thanks for sharing the site!


basketsnprims said...

Those are so cool. I'm going to check out the link. Thanks for posting it.

country gal said...

How fun! I'm going to over there to that website right after I write this. =D

Love, Joy =D

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