Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fontenelle Forest and Weekend Projects

On Friday Paige and I went to Fontenelle Forest here in Bellevue. It is only about 10 minutes from our house and I just found out about it. I have been wanting to find a place like this to go walking sometimes or to on a picnic. It was the perfect weather for hiking~ not too warm, not too cold. We just loved it! It is such a pretty place with lot's of trails and some pretty lookout points. It will really be beautiful when there are leaves on the trees. We watched an injured deer limping through the woods and then lay down against a tree. That was sad. We could see a wound on his leg. Poor thing. As we were leaving we saw a wild turkey. It was a fun afternoon.

The turkey~
You can see Omaha off in the distance~
Paige at one of the lookout spots. Everything is so brown and dead looking! I can't wait for green!
She found a nice big stick to walk with~

This is a little area I fixed up in my room on Saturday. I printed off the two President pictures and put them in some WalMart frames. That was a cheap project! I also bought a set of stencils about a week ago for stacking boxes and I made this set for my room.

On Sunday I kept busy doing laundry and making some fun things. All of these things are gifts for friends except for one of the pantry label box sets which is for me. I really love how these turned out! The black box on the bottom of the large set of boxes is turned the wrong way and you can see a gap where the stencil ended. I wasn't paying attention when I took the picture that the back of the box was in front.

Yesterday was so cold, wet,windy, and snowy here, but it looks like we have some 60's in the forecast this week. Hurray! I am so happy about that! I hope you all have a great Monday!


Lauren said...

It looks like you all had a fun time on your hike! I've always been more of an "indoor" girl LOL...but I'm coming around. I'm sure I'll have to totally get over that when Noah gets a little older.

As always, LOVE your projects! And the cheaper, the better I say! I love that the seed bags have printed labels...very neat! And all the stacking boxes you've been doing just keep getting better! Hope you have a pretty weather was in the 80s here yesterday!!! We all wore shorts:)

Lisa said...

OMGosh, I love love love those boxes. You are so talented and I love seeing what you are gonna post next. Where did you find your Abe picture? Can't wait to see what you are gonna post next!!

Have a great week.


everyday mom of one said...

Ok we defenently have to come visit some time after we get back from Australia I want to see all of these places.

I am starting a weight loss challenge on my blog this week if you are game to join in.

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

What a great place to get back to nature.
And your goodies look awesome! I too have printed things out to use for art. Your's turned out great! Nobody would ever suspect! LOL! Aren't we sneaky? :D
Your box sets turned out so nice too!
Have a great week!

Farm Field Primitives said...

I love your stenciled boxes. Where did you get the stencils? I have a set that I would like to do also. We woke up to snow on the ground here. It is the kids' spring break. Oh well. Guess there is always cleaning to be done. Yuck:( Have a good day.


In His service, Anne said...

That is a wonderful park..judging from the pics. Love everthing...your home is always beautiful...and you inspire great ideas-lol!!!!

wrcdgc said...

Someone is getting some great gifts there. I love the square boxes they look great. What do you have in your seed sacks?

It looks like you and your daughter had a nice day adventure.


Tami said...

Wow...gorgeous park!! Love all your new creations, beautiful!!

Have a wonderufl week!!

~Judy~ said...

Your stacking boxes turned out awesome! I would also like to knowwhere the stencils came from. I like the idea of the president's pictures off the web. Good find.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I've did the same thing with printing and framing on the internent, I wasn't sure if it was legel or not?

Always love what you the stacking boxes and I noticed the extra prim touch of tieing the ones with twine:)
Love the park too great that it is so near your home.

Kathy C said...

Love everything you made. Where did you get those boxes. Sure a lot cheaper than buying them all made up. Sounds like you had a great day hiking. What fun to be outdoors and seeing nature in all its glory. Also where can we get those great stencils. You always have such good ideas. Keep sharing. Love it.

Cathi said...

The stencilled boxes look great as does the ones with the labels. Don't worry, the green will get here soon.

Granny said...

That looks like a great place for a hike. We've had such crazy weather that we can't plan ahead for a day trip such as yours. Yesterday it was in the 60s and this morning it was snowing.

I love your labels. They add so much to the boxes.

UPON A HILL said...

I really like the way you have done your seed bags. They are so cute. You have some very lucky friends getting some nice things. Those prints outs of the presidents turned out really well. It is really nice to find out what is in our backyard & so close to us. The best things in life are free.

Down Willow Lane said...

You've been a busy bee Janae!Your home looks lovely.I must admit though,I couldn't have old pictures of faces staring at me.We have a large photo of my husband's GGGG but it has to hang in the hall because he looks like he's following you around!LOL!Happy Birthday!

girliegirl said...

Very nice, I really liked the president prints. I've been wanting a picture of Jefferson and he's harder to find. Great idea printing them off. I also like the stencil boxes. I've been working on my bedroom too.

Kath said...

Hi Janae,
Looks like a wonderful day at the park :)
Love your boxes! This is kinda scary....but I just did some this weekend too...LOL I did NOT have a "stack box" stencil, what a pain in the rear that is...trying to stay lined up-with a stencil that doesn't even fit on your project....wasn't easy! :)
Yours turned out beautiful!
Think I may have to get some stencils for stack boxes...
I just printed those exact pictures too, I loved that one of Lincoln in the chair. mine are not framed yet tho...after seeing how nice they look, that's my next project! ;)
Have a wonderful day!

The Whites said...

I love the picture of the wild turkey! We have lots of them here, but they aren't as colorful as that one. Looks like a great hike!

You have the best ideas and everything always looks so great. I bet your room is looking awesome with all these wonderful things you've added lately!


Sandy said...

I LOVE everything you made but most of all I love the boxes with the stencils. If you would not have said the box was backwards, I would of never noticed.


Carrie said...

What a beautiful park...very scenic!! Perfect place for a walk or a picnic!!

And as always, I LOVE your projects!! I know I have told you a million times, but you have awesome talent Janae!! Your home is so warm and cozy...I love it!!

I too would like to know where you got the stencils?!?!?

Hugs!! Carrie♥

luv2teek said...

Love all of your projects...the boxes turned out great!

Tins and Treasures said...

I'm glad to hear that forcast...we are coming to Lincoln for the long weekend. ~Natalie

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Thanks for the nice comments about my shop. Wished you lived closer too! You can always order anything you like though, that's the glory of the internet! I should have more handmades on by tonight or tomorrow. Did you get your flyscreen yet? Dawn

~Sarah~All Roads Lead Home~ said...

Janae~Looks like it was a wonderful girls day out! All your projects are just great. Your stacking boxes are amazing! Love the little bags you made too. Always fun seeing what you have been up to! Have a great day! Happy Birthday!! Take care. ~Sarah~

This Country Girl said...

That looks like a fun time, Janae!

Your president pictures are great and I love the fact that it was "cheap" project! The stacked boxes are great...I love both the ones with labels and the stenciled ones! Love those seed bags too! You're one talented girl!


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