Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Walking on the Trails, a Smoothie, and a Candle

Today Paige and I decided to go walk on the Papio trails near our house. Omaha has such nice walking/bike trails all over the place. I would like to start going to walk at least twice a week instead of biking every day at home.
I put Paige's bike in the trunk of the car and tied it down the best I could. I think we need a bike rack :-) We had a nice, long walk/ride. Lot's of other people were out walking, jogging, and biking today. It was a bit humid, but there was a nice breeze. We were both sweaty and tired when we got back to the car and decided to get a Scooter's fruit smoothie for lunch. I LOVE their smoothies! They are so refreshing and yummy! Well, we were sitting at a red light and I decided that I needed to take a picture of my smoothie for this post. I sat it on top of the dashboard and took one picture and was starting to take one more when the light changed. I was trying to get the picture taken real quick, but saw that there were cars behind me ready to go. I wasn't thinking and hit the gas and my smoothie went flying off splattering all over me and the window. Yep, I'm a dork. Luckily Paige caught it and there was plenty left for me to enjoy. I still have a few smoothie smears to clean up in the car. :-)

My strawberry banana smoothie~

Out on the trail. I love the bridge. Sometimes we can see beavers swimming down below.

Then this afternoon I decided to stop by Weathered and Worn to look around a little. I bought a new candle and some wax melters. I love these 1803 Candles. They have so many wonderful scents and I love the names of them all.It took me awhile to decide which one I wanted. I chose the Buttermik Cupboard candle and the Grandma's Cupboard melters. I like how on the label on the front of the candle there is a little description. On the Buttermilk Cupboard candle it says~The old buttermilk cupboard stands in the keeping room filled with milk buckets and the butter churn.
Whenever I do have my own store one day I want to sell these candles for sure!If I'm not back again before the week is over, have a great week!:-)


Raggedy Angel said...

The smoothie thing sounds like something I would do....but it does look good!
What a wonderful place to bike and walk! Beth

marie said...

Hi Janae,
The trails and the area around them look awesome ~ what a great way to spend the day! That smoothie looks pretty yummy too.

I didn't know you wanted to have a shop someday. I had a shop from 1995 to 2003 (with two friends). I loved it. Going to the trade shows was such fun and I met so many wonderufl people. I hope your dream comes true ~ I hope you have mail order so I can order some of these candles from you!! : )

The Prim Patriot said...

That trail is so pretty, the Scooters peach/pear smoothie I had when I was there was so yummy. I wish we had a Scooters here. I'm so excited about those 1803 candles!

Kris said...

The views of the walking trail are beautiful and it looks so peaceful!! I'd probably run into people because I'd be too busy looking at the scenery! lol

Take care,
Simply Prim

country gal said...

I agree with Raggedy Angel, that smoothie thing is what I would have done. WE ARE NERDS!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! How old is Paige?

The candles sound cool.

Love, Joy =D

girliegirl said...


I loved your smoothie story. Sometimes you gotta do something funny for a post. Looks like some great scenery. I like those candles too.


This Country Girl said...

Lol! I've already heard the smoothie story from Joy! She was laughing and retold it to me after reading your post! I think she could relate! It's so much like something I would do...always thinking I'm pretty smart for getting a picture for my blog...then do something like that! I'm sorry...but glad you got to enjoy some of it!

Jason and I are trying to walk everyday. I'd love to have a bike though!

I bet your candle smells yummy!

Well have a great rest of the week, Janae!


Anonymous said...

About the seats at country
shows alot of the seats
are reserved before they go on sale. Like VIPS
and ect.

OldeAnniePrimitives said...

I just love cycling! Sounds like a wonderful time...except for the smoothie incident...too funny! Yum...I'm in the mood for a strawberry/banana smoothie now! LOL! ~~Annie

Tolentreasures said...

Great looking trail! You are lucky to have something like that so close. Too funny about the smoothie, I could see myself doing the same thing.


Goat Creek Grandma said...

The trail looks like a great place to spend some time. So peaceful. I need to find a place like that.

I too have to admit, I did giggle when I read about the smoothie. If I had been there, I would of been the one wearing it. :)

The candles sound wonderful. Do they sell online???

Take Care,

Craftyperson said...

Hi Janae....the trails looks gorgeous.....beautiful scenery....
I see you commented on wanting to open a shop someday....me to....there's so many around here though...Maybe someday...It was nice talking to you....Have a great day....Trena

Leslie said...

Looks like you had a great day! Your weather looks similar to ours lately. It's the type that you think it's going to rain so you don't go outside and then it doesn't rain anyway....lol

The candle is awesome. I can just imagine how good it must smell by looking at it. Sometimes you can just tell by looking and not actually opening up the jar, can't you?

Have a great day!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

glad you still had some smoothie left to enjoy...looks good.I love smoothies..love your candle too..we need smellivision..:)

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

How cool to have those trails around you!!

Can't wait until you have a shop someday! I'll have to find my way there!!

hugs, Linda

wrcdgc said...

I love the candle and tarts. I love the label. Looks like you and Paige had a great time smoothie and all. :)


the primitive country bug said...

What a beautiful place to go riding! Sorry to hear you lost your smoothie on the way home. That's something I would do too! I've driven off with my coffee on the roof of my jeep before. LOL!

I hope your dreams of owning a shop come true for you!
Blessings~ Birgit

Nyperosa said...


On my walk there is
no smoothie : (

Very nice picture !

Au revoir from Norway.

Michelle said...

Ok, I love those candles too! I have been looking for months for a great candle, and I think this is it! Love all the scents, can't wait to get some! Thanks for sharing!

Care said...

Candles are intrinsically connected to many events in our lives, such as birthdays, holiday dinners and religious celebrations. Recently, however, candles have become a part of our everyday lives adding warmth style and mood to every room in your home. See how the candles have managed doing this.

Kathy S. said...

I carry the 1803 candles in my shop. I love them! The burn time is long and the scents are powerful and amazing! I love the Friendship one, the Cinnamon, Spice Box, Old Dough Bowl, I think Cranberry Cupboard is a favorit in my shop. Come to think of it, apple, cranberry and cinnamon~all best sellers!

Lovely photos!

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