Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I love this store!!!! A couple of months ago on a trip to the Galleria in St.Louis with my parents and Paige we stopped in Anthropologie. I could have looked around that store all day. I loved almost everything in there. Some things were pretty pricey, but I did buy my light switch covers for my room there. Aren't they pretty~
This morning I decided to browse the Anthropologie website and do some pretend shopping for fun. I only put a few of the items I pretend bought here for you to see~

Love this cozy throw, I got two of these~

This loungewear is too cute~

Nice purse, huh?

Such a pretty necklace ~

Absolutely love this scarf!

My favorite thing though is this coat! I want it bad!!!
I'd love these new dishes~They have great hardware~
Well, that was fun ! Have a great night!


Tami said...

Ooo...love your "pertend shopping" what cute finds. Thanks for the link to the Anthropologie site too...I have heard good things about them but have not taken the time to check them out...on my way to take a peek!

Hugs ~ T

Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

Oh I love Anthropologie too ..we have one about an hour an half from us ..and I try to stay away even though I love it ..as you said so Pricey ..However I love that purse you chose and I sure do need a new one ..may have to go look up the price of that ..although I may choke...LOL !!!

Your Switch plates are wonderful !!!

Have a Great Week ...Sara

Kimberly said...

What lovly goodies! And since I'm allergic to spending these days, I thihnk I could afford to shop the way you do!

Also love your header picture...

A Bit of Colour said...

Nice things! I like that store too! You have great taste!

Raggedy Angel said...

Love your shopping list...pick me up some of that lounge wear!
I am wondering how you lost your 40 pounds....I know exercise has played a huge role.....did you change your diet too? I have lost the same 20 pounds...probably um 20 times! Do you wanta share your secret?

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

oh yeah! I love Anthropologie as well. Love your switchplates and watch their website - the coat'll go on sale eventually.

Gillie said...
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