Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Hair

Well today was supposed to be my haircut day, but yesterday Angie called and had to cancel because she has the flu. I got brave and decided to go to the Ulta Salon instead. Nina is the girl who cut my hair and I think she did a pretty good job except that I was wanting it about an inch longer than she cut it. It also isn't as stacked as I would have liked in the back. It feels kind of round on my head. Gabriel called me a basketball head. :) Anyway, I know in a month or two it will be at a length that I like better. I also think I will go try the place I was planning to go to in Plattsmouth next time I need a trim.


Jamie said...

I think you hair cut is cute! I like it. ~Jamie

aussie gardening in America said...

I think it suits you. Its hard when you move to find a hairdresser, especially if you have had one you really liked for a long time. Its cute.

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