Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Grandma's Visit

We had a fun week with Grandma visiting. Last Wednesday was Gabriel's 14th birthday. We went to see The Dark Knight. It was such a good movie ~ the Joker was the best part ! We are going to see it again this week. Then we went to eat at Famous Dave's. Gabriel chose apple pie as his birthday dessert. He got money and a new airsoft gun for his birthday. During the week went to see Hancock, went to Nebraska Furniture Mart, shopped around town, went to Paige's cheerleading, went to the zoo, botanical gardens, and Red Robin. Grandma bought some pretty new plants for our garden and some wind chimes to hang in our backyard. Paige and Grandma had a workout routine that they did every day. We also watched the Tour De France. It was a very nice week. Only 4 more weeks until our trip to Illinois.

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aussiegal said...

Glad you guys had fun!!!

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