Thursday, November 6, 2008

100th Post Giveaway!

Sandy at For the LOVE of Prims is having her 100th post giveaway! She's giving away some great items! Go over and leave her a comment to be entered.


Debbie @ said...

Hey thanks for the heads up. I like your new header too. It looks wonderful....I'm looking forward to doing something different too...I just don't know what! Have a wonderful day!

Rambling Girl said...

Thanks going to head over there now.

Sandy said...

I love your Christmas goodies...everything looks so great!

Thank You for posting my giveaway on your blog :)


cara said...

Very Cool!! Thanks!
I'm new to your blog, its really great.. just out blog surfing today. I'm also a military wife, but Navy. We were stationed on Scott AFB for 5 years though (recruiting) so it was cool to read about Mt. Vernon! I miss shopping in the midwest! We live in WA State, not much prim up here!

This Country Girl said...

It's a great giveaway, isn't it?

Come over and check out my have been awarded and tagged!

Have a great week, Janae!


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