Friday, November 21, 2008

Two New Awards

I've gotten two new awards over the past couple days. The Marie Antoinette is from my wonderful blog friend Gina at Cat Nap Inn Primitives. Thanks so much Gina ! One of my other blog friends Jazy at Dry Creek Primitives gave me the Uber Amazing Blog Award. Thank you Jazy ! I'd like to offer these awards to any of you great blogger friends that would enjoy posting them on your blogs. I enjoy reading everyone's blogs so much. Every morning I wake up, make my coffee and head to the computer to read up on any new posts. It's a fun part of my day that I always look forward to! Thank you all for being such great blogland friends ! Have a wonderful weekend !


basketsnprims said...

Janae, congrats on your awards. You certainly deserve them. Have a great weekend.

~ Pam ~

Sandy said...

Congratulations on your awards :)

Jenn said...

Awwww Janea, thank you SO MUCH!
I love EVERYTHING but the stocking is so totally my favorite:) Did you make everything? I can NOT wait to put it all out:) The little tart, what is the scent? OMG is smells so yummy I could eat it. I wanted to post MY goodies today but Im still not feeling all that well. I have SO MUCH to catch up on and post about!!

Congrats on your awards!

Thank you again, you turned my icky day around:)

This Country Girl said...

Congratulations on your well deserved awards, Janae!


tidymom said...
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tidymom said...

Congrats !!

I've TAGGED you Janae!! Come over and pick it up to pass on, when you have time!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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