Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My New Basket

Look what I got in the mail today ! My new basket that Pam from Baskets N Prims made for me. I just love it ! I don't know if it will stay in the spot that it's hanging right now cause I might find an even better spot for it. Pam , you did a wonderful job. I love the things you make ! Thanks so much ! Here are a couple pics ~


Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

LOVE it Janae! I have one over my hubby's armoire very much like it. It has always been one of my favorite styles!!

Janene said...

I love that basket!
She does such a wonderful job! One day I would love to have one of her creations in my home!
You are a very lucky girl!

Leslie said...

That basket is really really nice! Pam makes awesome baskets!

Have a great night!


Something Nice and Pretty said...

Love it and looks great on your wall, Pam does such a wonderful job:)

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Pams baskets are just great!

Kimberly said...

Very pretty! I made a few tiny garlic baskets once... Let's just say that I really admire those who can make them well!

Hugs, Kimberly

Never So Simple said...

I love the basket. What a lucky lady you are to receive such a great gift.

I loved your blog from yesterday. I too have changed so many things in my decor. Like you I can't remember what I did with some of the things I see in old pictures.


basketsnprims said...

I'm so pleased that you like it. Thanks so much.


•♦•©The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

Love that!!! :) It look great there.
Pam does make beautiful baskets!!

Have a wonderful day-Kath

Farmhouse Blessings said...

Beautiful! I just love when something so practical can be artistic as well. Such a nice gift.


Joy ~ Doodlebug ~ said...

That basket is soooo cute! Ms. Pam is such a wonderful crafter!

Love, Joy =D

Lisa said...

I love that basket!! I am so happy that I found your blog...can't remember how I came across it, but I did and I am happy about it. I love your decorations!! Perfectly Prim.

~ Lisa

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

That's a great basket, Janae! Pam did a wonderful job on it! She does great work!

Have a great upcoming weekend!

Backwoodsprim said...

Hi ya! Janae!
I noticed your bee-hive candle dome thingy(real technical aren't!:D)that's on your table...
I just love that!
I've got one like it but mine has rusty prim stars attached to it....
It's actually one of my fave things in our home and I wished I knew where to buy more of them for my lil' shop....I had mine before I had a shop and can't find any place to purchase them...wholesale or otherwise...have you had your's for very long???

Pop over and visit when you can!

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