Friday, May 22, 2009

American Idol and New Stuff

Congratulations Kris! I am so excited that Kris won Idol! I don't think he could believe it! Even though I loved Adam too, I did vote for Kris at least 15 times Tuesday night. I thought it would be exciting for him to win since everyone sort of just assumed Adam would be the winner:-)Paige plugged her ears while Ryan announced the winner, she just couldn't stand to listen ( she is a huge Adam fan). I jumped up screaming when they announced Kris and she said "what?! what?! who won?!" Well, she wasn't happy, but I was!:-)Adam will be super duper famous anyway, so it doesn't really matter. Man, I'm always sad when Idol season ends:-(

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by Weathered and Worn to pick up this little shelf or whatever you want to call it:-) I put on layaway a few weeks ago. I had to move things around to find a spot for it. I'm out of room in this house for any more furniture, so why I bought it, I don't know. I'm not sure I'm happy with where I put it, but I will leave it there for a bit and see. It might be a little busy with the cabinet on the wall above it full of stuff. Maybe just to much "stuff" in that area. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I was also so excited to see Kris win. My husband ask me what was I going to watch now that Idol was over. Told him it was ok because I was getting my Idol fix next Wednesday when I go see David Cook in Concert with my girls. He is performing at our local college about 15 mins. from where I live. My daughter got us tickets and we are 8 rows from the stage. Can't wait!!!
Love the little cabinet and I think it looks great where you put it.
Have a great weekend.

Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

Hey - no background and I see your blog just fine now...humm!!

I am happy for Kris too.

I think you new piece looks great there. I love something under a wall cabinet - I think it grounds it!

Have a great weekend!

hugs, Linda

Lisa said...

Your stuff always looks so great!! How did the interview go yesterday? Hope things went well. I am sure they loved your home : )

I am pretty happy to hear that Kris won as well. I didn't watch much of it this year, but happy to see him win vs. Adam.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Janene said...

I would have bought that piece too! Even though my home is getting full, I can't quit adding to it!
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

marie said...

I love your new display ~ it looks great! You also put things together so nicely!

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