Monday, May 25, 2009

Purple Finch Nest and more Geraniums

Well I found out that the bird nest on my wreath belongs to a purple finch. This morning I held my camera very still through the blinds on my front door window and waited very still and patiently for the bird to fly back to the nest. I think these pictures of them are so cute. It looks like they are trying to figure out what the weird thing in the window is. :-)

The babies aren't so cute yet~ Eew! They will be in a few days though. I have to stand on one of my chairs to get a good picture in the nest. I'll get up there and take another one tomorrow.
I have put out the rest of my Americana decor which isn't much. I love this Independance Day Celebration sign. I filled a little crock with geraniums to sit by it.
Added some geraniums to this bucket in my room.
Stuck a flag in this old jug sitting on the flag bunting~
I made this little Abraham Lincoln pillow ~
I also made this flag pillow that will be posted on my selling blog later today or tomorrow~
This pillow is for sale also. I love the fabric on this one:-)
I made this flag pillow for me~
These Abe pillows will be for sale~
A new grouping I put together on my little school desk~

I hung up my Farmer's Best Red Geraniums sign above the bench.I found these little pots of herbs on sale at Michael's and sat them in the highchair. I moved the little lamb over by the stacking boxes.

I rearranged my kitchen cubby just a bit~

I hope everyone has had a nice holiday weekend!


Carrie said...

LOVE all of your decorating you have done over the past few days!!! I will certainly be going over to your selling blog to check out your flag pillows...thay are too cute!!

Today after coming home from camping, I was moving some of our plants into the driveway to get some was pouring...and I found a nest in one of my hanging plants. So, I put it back.

Now you have me kinda courious of what kind of bird laid the eggs...ummm...I will have to be on the lookout!! LOL!!

Hope you had a fun and relaxing Memorial weekend!!

Hugs!! Carrie♥

Shakerwood said...

I like all your decorations but especially the pillows. They look great. I have a bunch of patriotic decorations but don't know if I am ready to bring it all out of the attic yet!

marie said...

Hi Janae,
I love all the decorating changes you made. My favorite is the new display on the desk ~ the colors are so good together. Wooden bowls are one of my favorite things and yours looks so great in that grouping!
The pictures of the birdies are sweet ~ I'm looking forward to more.

Hope your holiday has been special! Mine has been nice and quiet.....and REALLY wet! : )

basketsnprims said...

Janae ~
Love all of your patriotic touches you've added to your house. Love those pillows ~ I'll be checking them out.

Tami said...

Very cute Americana items love the Abraham Lincoln pillows.....very cute!!

Awww....the birds nest on your wreath is precious....such great pictures!!

Have a beautiful day!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Ooohh...I LOVE all of your Americana touches...everything you made and all the geraniums! I love that geranium sign I see too! Your pillows are GREAT, Janae!

I hope you're having a wonderful Memorial Day!


Unknown said...

Cute Cute Cute!! I love those pillows!

Happy Memorial Day!

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...


You have outdone yourself again. Everything looks wonderful! I really like the pillows. I think you better make some more since we'll all gonna want them. I will have to check Michael's for the herbs too. Hope you had a great weekend.


Something Nice and Pretty said...

Love the Indepenence Day sign Janae:) Also the pillows especially the Abe ones really neat!
We had a robins nest in our wreath on the door when Chris and I lived together and everytime he came home day or night the parents would dive at They never bothered me though:) Yours are just so cute!

Unknown said...

Hi Janae,
Everything you made looks so good! Where do you get your ideas from? I have no imagination whatsoever. If I see something, I always think, well I could make that. But, I can never think of things on my own. I love the pillows. Now I want to make some. :) Hope you don't mind me stealing your idea? :)
It seems like everyone is finding birds nests somewhere on their property. You never know where they will show up.
Have a great week, Janae


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Good job - as usual! I love the Independence Day sign, especially with the red geraniums in front of it. They are my favorite summer flower. Those little birds are so much fun to watch! Have a great week, Dawn

My Colonial Home said...

Oh your decorating is just soooo cute! I never tire of coming to your blog and checking things out.
I love all your little gathering.

~All Roads Lead Home~ said...

Janae~ Your birdie pictures are great! And everything else is just so BEAUTIFUL! I love the red geraniums...I have been tucking those here and there in my house too! Those flag pillows are wonderful! I always love visiting your blog...seeing what you have been up to and looking at your amazing displays! Take care. ~Sarah~

Raggedy Angel said...

Everything looks woderful!
I love your pillows, did you print your pictures on the fabric? Beth

millerhomestead said...

Hi Janae, I love the pictures of the birds you took. It is so cool to see them up close! Your babies will be cute in a few days. But for now I agree, Ew!
Your Summer decorations look so pretty. I don't have my red geraniums out right now. I may get them out today. I also really like your new grouping. I am ready for a visit from you so we can play with my stuff. Only a couple more months right?
Your pillows are so neat. You are so creative. I hope you have a great day. God bless, Jamie

Lisa said...

I have been freaking out because my computer has not allowed me to view your blog for several days. It aborted me as soon as I got to your page (Urghhh). Anyway, I am so happy that I was FINALLY able to get on and see what you have been up to. I absolutely love the Abe Pillows... you are so talented!! Thanks for sharing birdie pictures... very neat!

Mandy said...

Those pillows are great!

Geraniums are my favorite summer flowers and I love how you tuck them here and there around your house!

Hope you had a great holiday weekend!


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love your "tweaking" looks your pillows too:)

Rosemary said...

Love everything you have done! Looks great!
Very patriotic!

Kathy Schwanke said...

What amazing bird photos! What a privelege to watch God's handiwork so closely, thanks for sharing!

My daughter hatched a chick in her hand one day. We have photos. I never thought about posting them, but it was quite fascinating!

Love your americana too!

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Oh my! Those birdy pics are just too sweet, Janae! And I love all of your decorating/rearranging changes as well. Everything's looking ready for summer...

Unknown said...


I Play Outside The Box said... favorite home to visit! Everything is always so beautiful.

Rock River Stitches said...

Those bird pics are amazing!! It will be fun to watch the babies grow.


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

What darling bird pics - yeah, the babies not so much but it won't take long! Love all your patriotic touches!

Unknown said...

Everything looks great! :)

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