Friday, September 12, 2008

All Decorated for Fall~ Come on In

I've finally finished my fall decorating tonight after playing around with all my stuff over the past couple days. I made a couple sets of pumpkins this afternoon to tuck in some empty spots. I love how they turned out ! Now I can sit back and enjoy it all. I'd like to work on some more stitcheries, pumpkins, and maybe a pillow or two. If you'd like to see my home pictures just click on the picture . Enjoy !


Sandy said...

You have a beautiful home.
I really enjoyed looking at the photos. Everything is placed just right. Now you CAN sit back and enjoy.

Thanks for sharing!


This Country Girl said...

Wow! Everything looks great! You've got quite a collection of fall decor and it's placed very nice! I love everything! Enjoy!

Have a great weekend!

Pam at Antique or Not said...

Janae -

Your home is absolutely beautiful, and the pictures were great! Yours is one of my favorite prim homes so have lots of different textures and mediums, a lot of things to look at without it being overdone, and it's pretty!

Well done!

Linda said...

I truly did enjoy that slideshow! Love all your prims and how you display them. Thanks for sharing!!

angie said...

i absolutely love your home and the way you've decorated. it's so warm and cozy. thanks for sharing!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Loved your wonderful slideshow...everything looks just right! I sure do need more fall decor.LOL

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Love everything! We like your hutch in the dining room. Ok, I am inspired now! Come over and help me out, LOL!

basketsnprims said...

Your home is absolutely beautiful & you have just the right touch for decorating. Everything is displayed perfectly. I have added you to my bloglist. Thanks for sharing.


aussiegal said...

Janae as usual your place looks so gorgeous. I have nothing compared to all the stuff you have and I love those pumpkins you make.

Jeanette said...

I just found your blog and looked through your fall pictures. All I can say is, wow!! Your house looks amazing. Thanks for posting pictures of it, it is very inspiring!!

Anonymous said...

I love all your prims your blog is so fallish looking your home is beautiful thanks for sharing.....Sheree Servies

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh my goodness, I have just spend the last 10 minutes totally delighted. What a lovely home you have! I enjoyed everything from your samplers to your autumn artwork. I think I have to go watch it again! LOL


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