Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Puppies

Paige and Simon
Katie my mom's older dog, was not thrilled about the new puppy. She didn't know that Simon had snuck up behind her and went to sleep.

Patriot and one of the puppies ~ not sure which one

We are back from our trip to Illinois. It seemed to go by very fast and we wished we could have stayed a little longer. My mom and sister got two little golden retriever puppies while we were there. They are brothers and their names are Simon and Griffin. Paige had such a fun time taking care of Simon at my mom's house while we were there. She's going to miss him. When my little nephew Jack came over to play at Grandma's, Simon was very excited to have a little person crawling around that was his size. The only problem was that he would try to nibble Jack's ears and one time chased him and trampled right over him. Poor Jack ! Luckily he never seemed very upset by it .


Gettysburg Homestead said...

I LOVE golden retrievers, but not so much the hair. LOL

So cute!


Ellen and Miss Steph said...

I'm pretty much new here and came across you're blog. What darling golden babies.
Absolutely love the video clip. It doesn't get much better than babies and puppies.


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