Monday, August 25, 2008

St. Louis Here We Come !

Tomorrow we leave for St. Louis for a 2 week visit. We spent the day packing and getting ready to go. We're so excited to see everyone ! We have lot's planned ~ birthdays, fall party, pool party, prim shopping, movies, botanical gardens, and whatever else we decide to do. After Grandma and Patriot pick us up at the airport everyone will head over to Grandma's for a shrimp fest . Sounds yummy ! We miss living there by everyone, but are glad that we aren't to far to be able to visit every few months. Only 5 years left in the military and we can move back. I probably won't be posting any pictures for the next 2 weeks, but will have plenty to share when we get home. :-)


tidymom said...

Have fun Janae! Are you going anywhere fun while you're here?

Pop over to my blog I've got something for you!!

tidymom said...

OH lucky YOU!! NO, I've never been to Arnett's - Mom and I were supposed to go for her birthday a few years ago, and an emergency canceled our plans - with the shop we were never off together to go - so we are going to try to make it for their fall open house in late Sept. I've met Staci at a few shows, she's really sweet - when we'd buy her stuff for the shop it always sold so well and fast! It's a DEFINATE MUST DO on my list!!!

Have fun with the puppies!

PS- I didn't know if I should reply on my blog or yours! LOL - I knew you'd get it if I replied on yours

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